Posted by: vagabondetteva | May 11, 2008

How to Promote Customer Retention

by Eliezer Gonzalez

For those business owners who realize the true importance and wish to help themselves keep the customers that they have as well as add to their client base, there are many different ways to promote customer retention. Some businesses will find certain ways more successful than others and the best way to truly know their success is to try them all. The following are some of the more successful ways of pursuing customer retention when it comes to one’s business.

One way to promote customer retention is to offer products and services which clients want. The best way to go about this concept is to look at the products which your business sells or services that your business offers and determine what the general consumer public is truly looking for in that category of item or service. In order to gain this insight you and your company representatives should engage in various forms of research so that you may discover what individuals are buying. Perusing the Internet, taking surveys, reading business venture magazines on popular products and taking note of your stock and what is being sold can all aid in figuring out which products and services customers want. By knowing what your customers want from your business, you will ultimately be able to keep the customers that you have by providing them with their desired items.

Another very important way of promoting customer retention is to provide top-notch customer service to your clients. Customers want to shop at stores and deal with businesses which cater to their needs. These individuals want to purchase items at stores where the employees are friendly and helpful. For the owners of online businesses, customers who utilize these businesses to purchase items and obtain services want to have easy access to customer service representatives whenever they need it and for whatever reason they request such assistance for with regard to the business relationship. Whether dealing with customers via the telephone, Internet or in person, providing helpful, friendly service is a key component to retaining customers.

And beyond the customer service, there are the crucial issues of how regularly you stay in touch with you customers, and whether you do this in relevant, meaningful, personalised way. Of course, you need to make sure that your customer data is up to date!

Online accessibility these days is another important customer retention tool. As more and more individuals become Internet savvy, having access to businesses via the World Wide Web is an ideal notion to many customers. If your business is one which can be technologically advanced in the form of Internet access and website capabilities, it is a wise idea to do so as more customers will tend to stay with a company that is up with today’s technology. Although the mom and pop shops of the past have a unique character to them, the truth of the matter is that technology is advancing and so should businesses if they hope to keep their customers.

An additional factor which can determine whether a business keeps the customers that they have is the price of the goods or services offered. For most individuals, the price is the make or break component which will dictate whether they stay with their regular company that they deal with or move on to a new one which offers better deals. Since many individuals live on a budget, price is an extremely important factor. A business which offers competitive pricing is much more likely to retain customers than one which does not.

The location of the business is another factor to consider with regard to retaining customers. If the business is located in a far away place where customers may have a difficult time getting to and from the location, this may lead to customers leaving the business for one which is more accessible. As mentioned above, Internet capabilities may also play a part in retaining customers as the physical location of the store may not be an issue if the company offers online access, ordering and service. Also, a business which has more than one location may be more likely to see customer retention than one which has a single locale.


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