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Greatly Improve Sales Without Spending a Dime

by TB Saulzman

As a long time startup expert, businesses varying from restaurants to software companies, I have come across hundreds of other entrepreneurs who all seem to have the same complaint. “We won’t use any heavy marketing strategies to increase business because it is simply too costly. “How can I accomplish this?” Many never seem to like my answer. Why? Because it always starts with, “first try washing your stoop and cleaning your front entrance and see what happens”.

The knee jerk response is always one of laughter immediately followed by bewilderment. The reality is, most of us look for solutions to most issues in complex service offerings and big articles that use words like aggregation, amortization and multifarious (yes it is a word). But, in practice, most complex solutions look at us right in the pocket book every day and we simply look past. Here is a prime example. My friend who asked the above question owned a medium sized business who benefited from a great deal of foot traffic, yet his volume has half of what his direct competitor was across the complex.

The issue was clear, his nearest competition simply presented a better product right from the beginning with a nice, organized appearance and a whole bunch of service options once inside. So, I broke down a simple list for my friend to use and here it is.

1. Say “We Are a Good Place” Without Saying a Word: Everyone is out of time and always in a hurry. But, even the busiest potential customer likes (and more importantly will stop to get) a free cookie. Are cookies expensive? No, they are not. Who doesn’t like a cookie and a smile at the front door? This is cheap to do and will immediately bring in business.

2. Macy’s Doesn’t Have a Patent on Window Displays: Have you ever thought of putting in a scene or colorful decoration in your window? People love creativity and usually reward it with consistent patronage. We are always looking for something new or someone interesting to follow. It is simply our nature. Get creative; put something cool in the front window and watch people talk.

3. Let the Children Play: How many businesses are children friendly? And the ones that are usually do a good business if done right. So give the kids something to do. As a father of three, I’ll be the first to tell you I will be a loyal customer if you can keep my kids from screaming at each other for more than 30 seconds. Ahh, thirty seconds of peace and quiet.

4. Keep Your Store Organized and Clean: Get all of the little things that need to get done, DONE! Organize your store and keep it neat and tidy. Be anal about it as all good businesses look like good businesses. If it looks shabbily run, then it probably is and the consumer is not likely to go in.

5. Sell Something at a Loss: The auto sales industry is built on the concept of the “loss leader”. In short, you lose money on a product (an insane deal) in hopes to upsell or sell other items that are not on sale. This has proven to be one of the simplest and most effective approaches to increase volume and subsequent revenue. Now, it does take some thought on what to sell and how to position to insure you do get other items sold, but it isn’t that complicated.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe but, these simple five steps work every time. There are also many articles on small business magazine online that also touch on similar methods. Any new ideas, even bad ones, can spark positive action. Remember, always be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things.

B. C. Terry is a 15 year technology industry veteran specializing in organizational development and technology application. He is the chief editor of, one of India’s most comprehensive resources on market trends and India jobs. Additionally, he has interests in many popular entertainment site including (video aggregator) and (leading Myspace graphics site).

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