Posted by: vagabondetteva | May 8, 2008

What Does Your Business Card Say?

by Keith Londrie

A good business card means a well structured marketing plan, not only it has to pass the trash test but it also has to say a lot of things about the person and the company it represents.

When you choose a business card you must have in mind the fact that it must say something about the company or contain something that defines it. So in order to impress your clients you must carefully choose your business card; of course not everything suits for example you can’t have a pink business card with little ponies and work for a well respected company but on the other hand you can’t have a black business card and have a company that organizes kids parties.

Let’s talk a little about the size of your business card: in the US the common size is 3.4 x2 in (89 x 51 mm) but for example in other countries the common size is 85x 55 mm (3.346 x 2.165). If your card will travel distant lands or your company is international I recommend using the international standard size which is 85.60 x 53.98 mm (3.370 x 2.125 in) to eliminate any further problems about the size of your card.

You can choose to print a picture of your face or a drawing to help people remember you better but this is not recommended in all situations because many of these cards may be considered kitsch by a lot of people.

Another catchy thing that can be added to your business card to improve its originality is maybe an unusual shape or fold. This is usually very appealing to many people and will help you get noticed. Although these cards are more expensive than average cards they sure worth all the money especially if you care about your business and how it’s represented.

Of course when it comes to originality people can make business cards out of chocolate or marzipan but nowadays the elegant and trendy type of card is the simple two colors card. You can also try to have a card with another purpose, for example if you are a doctor you can place your schedule on the back of the card and so on.

Remember when ordering your business card that you will need to choose something that matches your style and the company style; also, don’t mess with the size, choose the standard size no matter how unusual your tastes are.

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