Posted by: vagabondetteva | May 7, 2008

Virtual Assistant Blog Carnival Starting

As a Virtual Assistant, it can be hard to keep up with all of the various industry blogs. To help get the best-of-the-best all into one spot, I’ll be starting a VA blog Carnival. The first “issue” will be posted on Sunday, May 11 and will contain posts from May 3 – May 9. If you would like to participate in the blog carnival, please reply in the comments section with the following: A permalink to your blog posting, a 1-sentence summary of the post, and your email address so I can notify you when the carnival has been posted (these comments will not be published).

To participate, you agree to the following: Your content was from the date range specified for that carnival, your content is original, and you will link-back to the carnival on your blog.

Blogs that would be appropriate for this carnival include: WAHM, Virtual Assistant, Entrepreneur, Small Business, Solo Business and other. If you’re not sure if your blog or post qualifies, just ask and we’ll see.

I look forward to your participation!

Amanda Moore
Virtual Assistant



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  3. […] browsing the forums yesterday, I learned that member Amanda Moore is starting a Virtual Assistant Blog Carnival, and I’m going to take part! I had heard of blog carnivals before, but this will be the first […]

  4. Blog Carnival Submission

  5. Blog Carnival Submission

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