Posted by: vagabondetteva | May 6, 2008

Small Business: Importance of Security Management

by Eric Reed

The average small business owner immediately thinks about the costs to implement something, not necessarily how it will help his business.

Of course, this reaction varies on the number of security incidents the small business owner has experienced. It is amazingly easy to convince a client to install a backup system after he has lost his entire customer database.

So what do we do? Nothing in the business world exists in a vacuum. Especially security, we need to look at security as an enhancement to the business. Not just as an expense.

Security can be a somewhat vague concept. So let us break it down into segments and define what it really means.

Physical security is the actual measures you take to protect your premises and equipment. It could be putting locks on your doors or hiring a security guard to control access to your building. Information security means taking actions to safeguard your data, both electronic and printed. This consists of adopting security policies and imposing an electronic authentication and control system on yourself and your employees. All of this enhances productivity by creating an environment that functions smoothly.

Clearly defined security practices are necessary to avoid over control. These practices can greatly enhance the productivity of your employees by reducing down time.

Security professionals need to balance the need for securing the network against the possibility of hindering productivity. In the real world, security can be too tight.

All it takes is one virus to demonstrate how security vulnerabilities can destroy productivity. Another of the benefits to implementing a quality security program is the increased ability to control costs.

In the planning stages, you need to gather information on all of your vulnerabilities and assets. A good inventory plan will be necessary to complete this stage. Once finished, it will assist you with managing your resources.

A through business survey will identify areas of your business that need improvement and areas that perform especially well. Knowing these strengths and weaknesses will allow you to allocate funds with more certainty.

Growing a business is not just about getting new customers or keeping the ones you have. It is also about managing your resources and controlling costs. Asset management is a big part of this. How much control do you have over your business? Are you spending money in places you shouldn’t? How do you know?

Look at security and inventory control as a means of enhancing or managing your cash flow. Almost 40% of small businesses fail every year because of cash flow! Will one of them be yours?

As a small business owner you must, yes must, accept that computer security is necessary in this day and age. Failure to implement a strong security program leaves your business open to exploitation and compromise.

Right now, go online or to the yellow pages and find an IT consultant to assist you with securing your business. Do it now!


Eric Reed is a Principal consultant with Integrated Global Business Solutions. Eric has implemented many customized consulting strategies for clients ranging from small to mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Learn more about Integrated Global Business Solutions at

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